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Add ons for BROM BelCal®
You can download additional modules for BROM BelCal® here. Some modules are included in the general-download-file if version is the same. Other modules or updates can be downloaded seperatly here. How to install this modules see the file install.txt (only german) or the Dokumentation (only germen). Some informations about changes you find under changes.txt. We would like to point out that the modules offered here are only work with the BROM BelCal® main system and are not compatible with other systems!

Certain downloads are only available to selected registered users.
Add ons for BROM BelCal® >> Modules for processing the sections in the content area
ZIP Copy of section Version: 3.63
md5-Code: 3ba2649c870054c03aca22eec8ad9bc3
Languages: Deutsch, English, François, Italiano, Nederlands, Český, Serbsce
Published by: niko
Last modified: 09.08.2019 at 07:31

This module allows the integration of a section from another object in the current object. Currently supported are sections of the modules WYSIWYG, PHP Code, News Paper, Link listing, Slide show and Text-Scroller. Thus, it is also possible to create an object that is non-visible for the front end with different texts and then present these sections in a visible object.

This version needs the main system in version 3.700 or higher and can be used for PHP version 5.5.

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