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Download of the main system file
At this point, we provide you last updates for BROM BelCal® to download for free. The base system and few other downloads are available only to users with an account. You can register to the system for the download authorization of the BASIC version. The PROFI version can be ordered from us, however, is no claim.

For damages caused by using or not using the software, we assume no liability. In particular, we can not guarantee the compatibility of your existing Internet conditions.

Current version
ZIP BelCal® Reservation management Version: 4.065
md5-Code: a277207bd95b5d52c98991d2f99269d2

BelCalThis download file contains the base system for the reservation management BelCal®. Download this file to use the system for apartments, guesthouses, hotels.

Please note the conditions for the system! It needs a PHP environment version 5.4 or higher than CGI or FastCGI server API, a MySQL database from version 5.1.0 and a webspace least at 25 MB.

Recommended is PHP version 7.4.x and MySQL version 5.5.59. This version is compatible with PHP 8. If additional extensions are used that are not available in the basic version, PHP 8 should only be discontinued if these have been updated with the corresponding version for compatibility with PHP 8.

Note: For PHP versions earlier than 5.6, BROM BelCal® should only be used up to version 3.6xx, because PHP versions 5.5 or less some features interpreted differently.

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Type: ZIP
Size: 19.81 MB

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PDF Documantation Version: 4.0x
md5-Code: 5d0a4c5376e531ca77bedde4099e122c

Extensive documentation for BROM CMS/BelCal® as a PDF file in German.

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Type: PDF
Size: 3.05 MB

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