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New revision 4.076 12.06.2021, 09:50

BROM BelCal® in version 4.076 is available.

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New revision 4.055 05.06.2021, 16:00

BROM BelCal® in version 4.074 is available.

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New sub version 4.060 17.05.2021, 13:45

BROM BelCal® in version 4.070 is available.

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RSS-Feed   Bugs and Patches

Note! Please install only the patches that for the used system are relevant!

The patch numbers are structured as follows

Patch type relevant sequence number
installed version number

The patch type 99 is relevant to the main system or integrated modules in the basic system. Other types are needed only if the corresponding add-on modules were also installed.


#9940706 10.06.2021, 15:15

The display and editing of reservations is prevented with certain settings.


#9940705 07.06.2021, 10:00

When is activated commission accounting it is no longer possible to process reservations from version 4.074. Only relevant for PROFI version.


#9940703 26.05.2021, 11:00

The special user with access rights only for COVID processing can no longer carry out this processing after a commission settlement. Only relevant for PROFI version


#9940702 18.05.2021, 16:30

The presentation of the template "profi_2" is no longer correct since version 4.065.


#9940701 18.05.2021, 16:30

If there are several seasonal prices with the same name and daily billing in one booking, the price is not calculated correctly. Only relevant for the PROFI version.