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New revision 4.019 29.11.2019, 10:00

BROM BelCal® in version 4.019 is available.

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New revision 4.016 08.11.2019, 17:00

BROM BelCal® in version 4.016 is available.

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RSS-Feed   Bugs and Patches

Note! Please install only the patches that for the used system are relevant!

The patch numbers are structured as follows

Patch type relevant sequence number
installed version number

The patch type 99 is relevant to the main system or integrated modules in the basic system. Other types are needed only if the corresponding add-on modules were also installed.


#9940009 22.11.2019, 15:30

Changes to the status from the reservation list can not be saved.

Patch: / Fixed in version 4.019

#9940108 13.11.2019, 09:00

When the price table is inserted in front of a form at the end of the form, an incorrect output is displayed. Only relevant for PROFI version with the use of price calculation.

Patch: / Fixed from version 4.018

#9940107 10.11.2019, 15:00

For some installations, a column is missing in the form properties database table.

Patch: / Fixed from version 4.017