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Kopie von Kopie von Changes since the publication of BROM BelCal® 3.9
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Date Version Bugs Description or bug fixes
2021/08/21 4.083 #9940803 When creating a second invoice (e.g. recalculation) for a booking, the invoice number is taken from the old invoice and cannot be changed.*
2021/08/18 4.082 #9940802 An error occurred when saving adjusted prices under PHP 8.*
2021/08/12 4.081 #9940801 The mail attachments are not available in the post office if the e-mail is not in the main mailbox.
2021/07/31 4.080   Some optimizations for PHP version 8 have been made. This also means that PHP versions lower than 7.0 will no longer supported in the future.
2021/07/01 4.079 #9940709 When setting commission for properties with commission according to prices, the seasonal prices are ignored and therefore no commission is calculated.*
2021/07/07 4.078 #9940708 If the calendar section of an object is hidden, the import of portals does not work for this object.
2021/07/01 4.077 #9940707 The financial overview does not work with certain settings.*
2021/06/10 4.076 #9940706 The display and editing of reservations is prevented with certain settings.
2021/06/07 4.075 #9940705 When is activated commission accounting it is no longer possible to process reservations from version 4.074.*
2021/06/05 4.074   By default, prices are calculated based on exact decimals. It can now be specified that the 2nd decimal place is rounded to 0 or 5.*
2021/05/25 4.074   A print button has been added when viewing an email in the post office.
2021/05/24 4.073 #9940703 The special user with access rights only for COVID processing can no longer carry out this processing after a commission settlement.*
2021/05/18 4.072 #9940702 The presentation of the template "profi_2" is no longer correct since version 4.065.
2021/05/18 4.071 #9940701 If there are several seasonal prices with the same name and daily billing in one booking, the price is not calculated correctly.*
2021/05/17 4.070   Some improvements and logging have been added to the COVID model project.
2021/05/08 4.066 #9940606 It is not possible to send a reminder for amounts that have not been paid in full. In addition, the address of a reservation can now be exchanged and it is possible to overbook blocked periods from the administration.*
2021/05/05 4.065   Some optimizations in some of the included templates have been made.
2021/05/04 4.065 #9940605 The prices cannot be saved with some PHP versions.*
2021/05/03 4.064 #9940604 Now the VAT can be corrected in the commission statement.*
2021/04/28 4.063   Upon special request, documents for reservations (contracts, invoices, etc.) are now not overwritten, but are continuously saved with the date. These documents can also be deleted.
2021/04/28 4.062 #9940602 The list for print/export of reservations has a shift of the columns.
2021/04/27 4.061 #9940601 The commission statement shows an error message for canceled reservations.*
2021/04/26 4.060   For COVID model projects, a declaration of obligation can now be requested for reservations by e-mail or serial mail, which is then used for evidence documentation.
2021/04/23 4.057 #9940507 The invoice number is sometimes not counted correctly. This can now be adjusted manually.*
2021/04/20 4.056 #9940506 The sending / printing of reservation contracts, invoices etc. for the reservation is canceled if the price control is switched off.
2021/04/12 4.055   A separate color has been integrated for self occupied and colors can now be equated for all calendar objects from one settings.
2021/04/10 4.055   The help for the placeholders of the forms has been added when editing default texts if a form section is contained in the object.
2021/04/06 4.054 #9940504 The list of offers has been optimized again when sending e-mails via the post office.
2021/03/29 4.053 #9940503 The selection options of the offer list are not displayed correctly when sending mail over the post office.
2021/03/26 4.052 #9940502 The Help for Form Options does not list all possible placeholders and not all required fields will be recognized.
2021/03/26 4.051 #9940501 The price calculation of supplements is not entirely correct if toddlers are not included to the maximum number of people per contingent (default setting).*
2021/03/22 4.050   In the price calculation, separate prices can now be set for toddlers.*
2021/03/22 4.050   Due to many inquiries, children and toddlers are now treated separately in forms.
2021/03/20 4.050   All modules integrated in the basic system are now available as standard in object type and can no longer be accidentally deleted
2021/03/16 4.050 #9940410 The filtering of the text search of addresses with umlauts does not work.
2021/03/15 4.049 #9940409 Sorting by "drag-and-drop" no longer works since version 4.046.*
2021/03/15 4.048 #9940408 Saving a VCard from the address management does not work.
2021/03/15 4.047 #9940407 An error message appears if the dialog aborts while adding a reservation.
2021/02/26 4.046 #9940406 An incorrect cancellation price will be charged if a reservation has previously been canceled and then restored.*
2021/02/25 4.045 #9940405 An incorrect invoice number is issued with the commission statement.*
2021/02/24 4.045   Placeholders for the automatic reply mail of forms have been extended with some form fields.
2021/02/15 4.044 #9940404 Possibly the module for object languages is not correctly integrated in the section and then generates error messages when editing settings.
2021/02/08 4.043 #9940403 If the directories for the backup contain an empty file, the ZIP file cannot be generated.*
2021/02/05 4.042 #9940402 Sometimes an insignificant error message appears.*
2021/01/26 4.041 #9940401 The optional surcharges are not taken into account in the commission settlement.*
2021/01/22 4.040   Compatibility with PHP version 8.0 has been established. Please note that before switching to PHP 8, all extensions used that are not included in the basic system must be updated!
2020/12/29 4.040 9940310 A value is not calculated in the commission settlement without payment ccontrol.*
2020/12/11 4.039 #9940309 The payment of the deposit cannot be entered in version 4.038.*
2020/12/10 4.038   The prices for the deposit or cancellation fee can now be set as a percentage of the rental price.*
2020/12/08 4.038 #9940308 The output for reservation list for single object does not work in certain situations.*
2020/12/02 4.037   If there is no e-mail for a reservation, the contract, invoice, etc. can now be printed out.
2020/12/01 4.037 #9940307 If the storno price is not 0 the outputs are not correctly in list of finances and the processing of payments.*
2020/11/25 4.036 #9940306 Occurrence of incorrect calculations, especially when canceling commission statements. Therefore all calculation functions have been revised again.*
2020/10/26 4.035 #9940305 Sometimes an error message appears when creating a new booking.
2020/09/14 4.034   The mailbox now removes all script tags in emails before they are displayed to reduce the risk of attacks.
2020/07/25 4.033 #9940303 The standard fields are not available when creating a new object with a form section.
2020/07/18 4.032 #9940302 Error messages may appear if the wrong password is entered in the front-end login and if the first mail is deleted in the mailbox.
2020/07/14 4.031   If placeholders for prices are used in e-mail templates (e.g. invoices), a price adjustment with new calculation can be made before sending.*
2020/07/10 4.031 #9940301 Bookings or prices cannot be reworked if certain settings are not available.
2020/06/30 4.030   The subsequent price calculation for a reservation now contains 2 lines with blank fields, which appear as separate lines in the placeholder [CALCULATION] of e-mail templates (e.g. invoices) and are added to the total price of the reservation.*
2020/06/25 4.030   Free fields are now available for processing reservations, which can also be inserted as placeholders in the email templates.*
2020/06/25 4.030   The price calculation has been completely revised. There is now the possibility to set 3 cancellation fees. Surcharges can also be given as information on external services. All percent calculations are now rounded to 0 or 5 in the second decimal place.*
2020/06/12 4.030 #9940210 Bookings from external portals are sometimes imported several times.
2020/05/25 4.029 #9940207 Seasons are not checked correctly in the case of adjustments in a leap year and shifted in a day.*
2020/05/19 4.028 #9940208 The expected commission does not always show correct values.*
2020/05/11 4.027 #9940207 Newer versions of MySQL cause errors when saving.
2020/05/02 4.026   An interface for importing iCal files from external portals has been integrated.
2020/04/21 4.026 #9940206 Surcharges are sometimes not displayed correctly.*
2020/04/08 4.025   The prices for surcharges can now be entered separately for adults and children.*
2020/04/04 4.025   New menu item "Financial overview" for comparing bookings and commissions (different display for each authorization for reservations or commission accounting).*
2020/03/30 4.024 #9940204 Some stored files do not have the correct content when called up in the reservation list.*
2020/03/28 4.023 #9940203 A variable is missing in the language files.
2020/03/09 4.022 #9940202 An error message appears when submitting the form with certain settings.
2020/03/06 4.021 #9940201 For bookings, the price table with a VAT column without content is shown in the preview and the confirmation email.*
2020/01/20 4.020   The position of the pop-up window has been improved in some places.
2020/01/20 4.020 #9940113 Deleted objects appear in the export list during price processing.*
2020/01/03 4.020 #9940112 Activating / deactivating the form fields with a click does not always work.
2019/12/20 4.020 #9940111 An error message appears when saving the prices.*
2019/12/19 4.020 #9940110 Calling up the invoice template aborts for some bookings or ends up in an endless loop.
2019/11/22 4.019 #9940109 Changes to the status from the reservation list can not be saved.
2019/11/13 4.018 #9940108 When the price table is inserted in front of a form at the end of the form, an incorrect output is displayed.*
2019/11/11 4.017 #9940107 For some installations, a column is missing in the form properties database table.
2019/11/07 4.016   Because of different charset sets of MySQL, special characters are now stored as entities in the database.
2019/11/05 4.016 #9940106 In the leap year is on holidays, the 29.02. not considered.
2019/10/10 4.015 #9940105 When submitting the form often an error message appears.
2019/10/10 4.014 #9940104 MSIE may issue an error message.
2019/09/20 4.013 #9940103 In rare cases, an error message appears when saving the object properties.
2019/09/19 4.012 #9940102 Google no longer recognizes the older Google Sitemap format.*
2019/09/11 4.011 #9940101 When checking the access rights, an error message is issued in rare cases.*
2019/09/20 4.013 #9940103 In rare cases, an error message appears when saving the object properties.
2019/09/19 4.012 #9940102 Google no longer recognizes the older Google Sitemap format.*
2019/09/11 4.011 #9940101 When checking the access rights, an error message is issued in rare cases.*
2019/09/04 4.010   The module "Special Media Box" now has better audio support.*
2019/09/03 4.010   The commission statement belonging to a reservation can now also be called up via the reservation.*
2019/08/31 4.010 #9940010 The invoice number is not counted up correctly during commission settlement.*
2019/08/23 4.009   From the commission statement, the deleted objects were now hidden.*
2019/08/19 4.009   If the separate trash is used for deleted objects, these can now also be partially processed.
2019/08/16 4.009   The module "Special Media Box" now also supports video links from Youtube.
2019/08/16 4.009 #9940009 Sometimes users can not save custom resizing for WYSIWYG in the admin area.
2019/08/09 4.008   In the offers via the mailbox, the selection fields in the object area were made more understandable.
2019/08/09 4.008   If only details of a reservation are to be processed, then possibly in the next step an erroneous calculation can take place. Therefore, details can now be saved separately.
2019/08/05 4.008 #9940008 In a leap year, the seasons are displayed incorrectly and therefore incorrectly calculated.*
2019/06/11 4.007 #9940007 Sometimes an error message appears when creating PDF.
2019/06/07 4.006 #9940006 If objects in "Sorting by Date" are filtered in reservation lists, these are blocked for Print / Export in all lists.
2019/05/31 4.005   Improving the inclusion of css and js files by specifying versions.
2019/18/21 4.004 #9940004 In some cases the processing of reservations aborts with an error.
2019/05/18 4.003 #9940003 The database is missing in the backup ZIP-file (backup incl. Objects, media etc.).*
2019/05/18 4.002 #9940002 Sometimes links on pages are not displayed correctly and this may cause problems on pages with forms.
2019/05/18 4.001 #9940001 Since version 4.000 it is no more possible to create / modify users.*
2019/05/15 4.000   The view of the forms has been improved.
2019/05/15 4.000   The object selection in the user management has been improved.*
2019/05/15 4.000   The control of non-erasable addresses has been extended to relevant modules.
2019/05/15 4.000 #9939910 There may be an incorrect entry in the options of the forms.
* This sign means that messages are included only in the PROFI version.
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