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Date Version Bugs Description or fixed bugs
2024/07/05 4.290   The marked for existing customers in the address lists has been expanded to include the number of reservations.*
2024/07/05 4.290   The percentage for the commission statement can now be adjusted separately for each reservation. The adjustment is also possible when creating the commission statement.*
2024/07/01 4.287 #9942807 When importing portals, the notification box does not switch off in some browsers.
2024/06/05 4.286 #9942806 In the financial overview for the invoice book, "Cancellation missing" is displayed for cancelled reservations and recalculations with invoice template.*
2024/05/31 4.285   Some optimizations have been made.
2024/05/31 4.285   Existing customers are now marked in the address list and can also be filtered.
2024/05/31 4.285 #9942805 In some cases, an incorrect invoice reference number is used when sending a payment reminder.
2024/05/02 4.284 #9942804 The text search in administration does not always show the desired results.
2024/04/25 4.283   A text search is now available in administration for super admins and administrators. This allows you to search for words and then adjust them in the relevant areas.
2024/03/25 4.282 #9942802 When the offers are transferred to the mail in the post office, the lines do not have alternating colors.
2024/03/19 4.281 #9942801 The documents sent for reservation will not be saved.
2024/03/16 4.280   When sending an email with offers from the post office, the photo, if available, is now taken from the special offers or search for objects.
2024/03/16 4.280   To speed up the display of current reservations, reservations that are more than one year old are now moved to an archive table.
2024/03/01 4.275 #9942705 In the reservation list the symbol for e-mail/print is hidden by the document list. The symbol has now been placed after the name.
2024/02/26 4.274 #9942704 When exporting reservations as prints, it is not possible to switch off arrival, departure or status.
2024/02/21 4.273 #9942703 In certain cases, the booking price is calculated incorrectly.*
2024/01/29 4.272 #9942702 A bug in the login form.
2024/01/25 4.271 #9942701 Despite the PHP error report being switched off in the options, this is output.*
2024/01/22 4.270 #9942610 Because the automatic sending of information emails sometimes causes problems, this was set as semi-automatic, but can also be set back to fully automatic in the email templates.*
2024/01/18 4.269 #9942609 The email sender is not the server email despite the settings under Options.
2024/01/13 4.268 #9942608 The automatic email ends up in an endless loop.*
2024/01/12 4.267 #9942607 In some places an error message sometimes appears which cancels the corresponding function.
2024/01/11 4.266 #9942606 The loading time of the lists for commission statements has been improved because the individual years are now only reloaded when they are active.*
2024/01/10 4.265 #9942605 The old years are sometimes not displayed in the lists of commission statements.*
2024/01/09 4.264   The loading time of the lists for commission statements has been improved because the individual years are now only reloaded when they are active.*
2024/01/09 4.264 #9942604 "Cancellation missing" appears in the invoice book of the financial overview if the cancellation invoice is outside the display period.*
2024/01/09 4.263 #9942603 When copying season prices to a next year an error message appears and the season times are not correct.*
2023/12/29 4.262 #9942602 When creating a new object, the labels for services are missing. In addition, the automatic information email will only be taken into account for reservations with the status "occupied" now.*
2023/12/29 4.261 #9942601 When sending reservations to service providers, the date column in PDF format is too small.
2023/12/27 4.260   It is now possible to send an automatic information email about the reservation days before arrival. A corresponding template has been integrated for this purpose.*
2023/12/18 4.260 #9942510 Sometimes addresses cannot be deleted.
2023/12/18 4.259 #9942509 An incorrect ad appears in the reservation list.
2023/12/12 4.258 #9942508 After removing additional services in the form that have already been selected in reservations, an error message is displayed during export.
2023/12/03 4.257 #9942507 A PDF document cannot be created if it contains incorrect links (URLs).
2023/11/22 4.256 #9942506 The list of spam management in the post office is not displayed correctly.
2023/11/20 4.255 #9942505 The names of the user groups are not saved correctly if they contain quotation marks or apostrophes.*
2023/11/20 4.254 #9942504 An error message sometimes appears when the prices are adjusted.*
2023/11/04 4.253   The details of the current invoice are now also displayed in the invoice book of the financial overview.*
2023/10/31 4.253 #9942503 When text searching the reservation list by date, an error message appears if nothing is found.
2023/10/30 4.252 #9942502 The 30 minute pause for automatic import of portals cannot be changed. Now it can be set between 10 and 60 minutes.
2023/10/30 4.251 #9942501 The position of the character (eye) used to display the password is sometimes incorrect.*
2023/10/07 4.250   A small correction was made to the financial overview of invoices and the export as a CSV file was added.*
2023/10/01 4.248 #9942408 If the prices for a reservation are changed, the amount already paid will be lost.*
2023/09/14 4.247   The display of the set date format under options or user data has been improved.
2023/09/11 4.246 #9942406 Sometimes the export of reservations stops with an error message.
2023/09/08 4.245   The list of service providers can now be sorted by object for a printout.
2023/09/04 4.245   A short internal information can now be entered for each object, which can then be seen in various lists.
2023/09/01 4.245 #9942405 When canceling a booking with amounts already paid, the final total will not be calculated correctly.*
2023/08/31 4.244 #9942404 Deleted/archived objects accidentally appear in email templates and season lists.*
2023/08/30 4.243 #9942403 In addition to the date, the day of the week is now displayed in short form in various lists.
2023/08/26 4.242 #9942402 The color transitions for arrival/departure are not always correct.
2023/08/26 4.241 #9942401 The payment control does not have an open amount for a partial payment of the bail.*
2023/08/18 4.240 #9942310 In some cases the reservation list with sorting by date does not work.
2023/08/03 4.239 #9942309 In some cases, reservations with minimum days or booking gaps do not yet work correctly.*
2023/08/02 4.238   For various modules with multilingual entries, the buttons for saving etc. are now available in several places.
2023/07/29 4.238 #9942308 The automatic price calculation in the reservation form does not work correctly if there are no fields for children or infants.*
2023/07/28 4.237 #9942307 When importing portals and setting contingent is greater than 1, reservations are duplicated because some portals, for incomprehensible reasons, renew the unique identifier (UID) with each call.
2023/07/28 4.236 #9942306 For different periods, the minimum days are used for booking gaps with fewer days, even if this is configured differently.*
2023/07/22 4.235 #9942305 A cancellation fee is automatically calculated based on specifications and cannot be adjusted, although this is sometimes required.*
2023/07/17 4.234 #9942304 If the free fields for prices of a booking have negative amounts, these will be calculated but then no longer displayed.*
2023/07/10 4.233   When creating a new invoice for the reservation, the previous invoice is marked as "invalid". Now this can be attached when sending as a PDF.*
2023/06/28 4.232 #9942302 The entering negative numbers for the start date in the admin tool "Settings JS calendar" does not work.*
2023/06/28 4.231 #9942301 The price calculation or booking in the administration area to produce incorrect results in connection with minimum days.*
2023/06/26 4.230   Some optimizations have been made.
2023/06/25 4.230   The "Accordion text boxes" module has been included in the base system.
2023/06/18 4.229 #9942209 An error message appears when creating or editing a special offer.*
2023/06/14 4.228   In the reservation list with sorting by objects, the number of objects displayed per page can now be specified.
2023/06/13 4.228 #9942208 An error message appears when creating a new section with a form.
2023/06/10 4.227 #9942207 Some bugs in price calculation with minimum days.*
2023/05/31 4.226 #9942206 Creating a new section with the special offers module does not work.*
2023/05/12 4.225 #9942205 The automatic import of portals is blocked by another function.
2023/05/12 4.224 #9942204 Sometimes caused an error message to appear when printing out reservations.
2023/05/09 4.223   Accidental deletion of reservations with commission settlement is no longer possible.*
2023/05/04 4.223 #9942203 Sometimes the CAPTCHA function not work correctly.
2023/04/28 4.221 #9942201 When saving a special offer, it is always deactivated.*
2023/04/19 4.220   When editing the special offers, the list can now be sorted in different ways.*
2023/04/12 4.220   The "Patch/Update loader" admin tool will in future control the compatibility of the previous version with the update file.*
2023/04/12 4.220   Further adjustments for MySQL from version 5.8 and MariaDB.
2023/04/11 4.220 #9942110 The data export as XML or iCal does not work properly.*
2023/04/11 4.219 #9942109 The reservation list does not work properly when sorted by date.
2023/04/09 4.218 #9942108 New special offers cannot be entered.*
2023/03/31 4.217 #9942107 After a new installation, the entries for VAT are not available and free periods are not correct.*
2023/03/30 4.216 #9942106 When creating a new object, different modules are not integrated.
2023/03/27 4.215   Commission invoices with flat rates (amounts that are not tied to reservations) can now be canceled.
2023/03/17 4.214 #9942104 Some errors can occur in connection with a MariaDB or MySQL from version 5.8.
2023/03/17 4.213 #9942103 In some cases the reservation list stops after the first reservation.
2023/03/15 4.212   From the second payment reminder, "Payment admonition" is now used as the heading.*
2023/03/14 4.212 #9942102 Long loading times of the reservation list for many objects and many bookings with many documents for the bookings.
2023/02/28 4.211 #9942101 A new reservation cannot be saved and the object configuration for commission accounting does not work.
2023/02/27 4.210   The associated address types of an address are now displayed in the list with mouseover the client-id or name.
2023/02/27 4.210   Multiple address types can now be assigned to an address through multiple selection.
2023/02/27 4.210   The address types can now be expanded with your own types.
2023/02/14 4.205   The list of service providers has been improved. An e-mail with current reservations can now be sent to the respective service provider.
2023/02/07 4.204 #9942004 Bad characters are saved when changing language files.*
2023/02/03 4.203 #9942003 When saving the price table layout, the formats are removed because quotation marks are placed incorrectly.
2023/02/03 4.202 #9942002 When submitting the reservation form and price calculation is switched off error messages appear.
2023/02/03 4.201 #9942001 Since version 4.200 included HTML tags in allowed fields are lost.
2023/01/27 4.200   A list of assigned services sorted by address has been added as a submenu in the "Objects" menu item.
2023/01/25 4.200   A direct link to add a reservation is now available in the object list.
2023/01/22 4.200 #9941911 Sometimes errors occur when processing reservations.
2023/01/20 4.200 #9941910 A payment reminder can no longer be sent since version 4.190.*
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