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Kopie von Kopie von Changes since the publication of BROM BelCal® 3.9
  changes in versions 3.9x >>
Date Version Bugs Description or bug fixes
2019/09/04 4.010   The module "Special Media Box" now has better audio support.*
2019/09/03 4.010   The commission statement belonging to a reservation can now also be called up via the reservation.*
2019/08/31 4.010 #9940010 The invoice number is not counted up correctly during commission settlement.*
2019/08/23 4.009   From the commission statement, the deleted objects were now hidden.*
2019/08/19 4.009   If the separate trash is used for deleted objects, these can now also be partially processed.
2019/08/16 4.009   The module "Special Media Box" now also supports video links from Youtube.
2019/08/16 4.009 #9940009 Sometimes users can not save custom resizing for WYSIWYG in the admin area.
2019/08/09 4.008   In the offers via the mailbox, the selection fields in the object area were made more understandable.
2019/08/09 4.008   If only details of a reservation are to be processed, then possibly in the next step an erroneous calculation can take place. Therefore, details can now be saved separately.
2019/08/05 4.008 #9940008 In a leap year, the seasons are displayed incorrectly and therefore incorrectly calculated.*
2019/06/11 4.007 #9940007 Sometimes an error message appears when creating PDF.
2019/06/07 4.006 #9940006 If objects in "Sorting by Date" are filtered in reservation lists, these are blocked for Print / Export in all lists.
2019/05/31 4.005   Improving the inclusion of css and js files by specifying versions.
2019/18/21 4.004 #9940004 In some cases the processing of reservations aborts with an error.
2019/05/18 4.003 #9940003 The database is missing in the backup ZIP-file (backup incl. Objects, media etc.).*
2019/05/18 4.002 #9940002 Sometimes links on pages are not displayed correctly and this may cause problems on pages with forms.
2019/05/18 4.001 #9940001 Since version 4.000 it is no more possible to create / modify users.*
2019/05/15 4.000   The view of the forms has been improved.
2019/05/15 4.000   The object selection in the user management has been improved.*
2019/05/15 4.000   The control of non-erasable addresses has been extended to relevant modules.
2019/05/15 4.000 #9939910 There may be an incorrect entry in the options of the forms.
* This sign means that messages are included only in the PROFI version.
  changes in versions 3.9x >>