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Changes since the publication of BROM BelCal® 4.1
  changes in versions 4.0x >>
Date Version Bugs Description or bug fixes
2022/09/15 4.170   The field with the type "Selection list (multiple selection)" is now also available in the form templates.*
2022/09/15 4.170   The module "Special media box" (iwrapper) can now be set for external URLs with a two-click mode (e.g. for Google Maps).
2022/09/15 4.170   The WYSIWYG editor (CKeditor4) has been expanded with the "click2gmap" plugin for inserting Google Maps with a two-click call.
2022/09/14 4.168 #9941608 The French language file of the calendar module generates an error.
2022/09/14 4.167 #9941607 E-mails cannot be sent if there are spaces before or after the e-mail address.
2022/08/26 4.166   The admin tool for setting up the pop-up calendar now offers a larger display in addition to the compact and normal size.*
2022/08/16 4.165 #9941605 If objects are marked as "in progress", these are not displayed in the administration list for all authorized users.*
2022/08/10 4.164 #9941604 The jQuery "Lightbox" plugin does not adjust very large images to the screen size.
2022/08/06 4.163   A field with the type selection list (multiple selection) can now be added to the form.*
2022/08/06 4.163   When submitting forms with a mandatory field for telephone, it is now only checked whether at least one telephone number (e.g. phone or mobile) has been entered.
2022/08/02 4.163 #9941603 Double bookings are possible with certain settings.*
2022/08/01 4.162 #9941602 In some cases, the link to the reservation appears unnecessarily in the calendar display.
2022/07/27 4.161 #9941601 Due to the update to version 4.160, the objects in the reservation list with sorting by date may not be displayed.
2022/07/25 4.160 #9941513 The surcharge display for special offers sometimes has additional commas.*
2022/07/24 4.160   The info text in the management of reservations with calendar view now also contains the number of people, children and selected supplements, if they exist.
2022/07/20 4.160 #9941511 Newly created users do not see the reservation list sorted by date despite authorization.*
2022/07/18 4.160 #9941510 Price processing sometimes breaks off with newly created objects.*
2022/07/18 4.159 #9941509 If the e-mail is not entered, the forms will be sent, but an error will be displayed.
2022/07/15 4.158 #9941508 The general text search does not always show all results.
2022/07/14 4.157 #9941507 Special offers are now deactivated once a reservation occupies the period. In addition, special offers can now also be deleted if they are booked in a reservation.*
2022/07/07 4.156 #9941506 The filter for payment control can now also be set for the reservation list sorted by date.*
2022/06/30 4.155 #9941505 In the post office, the mailbox for spam or trash sometimes does not load completely.
2022/06/30 4.154 #9941504 Incorrect price calculation for special offers.*
2022/06/30 4.153 #9941503 Some adjustments and bug fixes to version 4.150.*
2022/06/30 4.152   Improved menu output in the frontend.
2022/06/25 4.151 #9941501 Due to the update to version 4.150, some errors have crept in.
2022/06/25 4.150   If special offers are used, an entry for the change can now be selected from a selection list of existing special offers in the table for free appointments.*
2022/06/25 4.150   For free appointments there is now the possibility of specifying the booking days. The number of the highest minimum days of the selected objects is suggested.
2022/06/18 4.150   Incrementing the invoice number has been improved again.*
2022/06/18 4.150   In the case of changed invoices or cancellations, previous invoices are now marked as "invalid" and can be printed out again with this addition.*
2022/06/15 4.150   Added object selection filter to financial overview for invoice book. The selection is the same as the object selection from the financial overview of reservations.*
2022/06/03 4.149 #9941409 The special requests do not appear in the reservation list sorted by date.
2022/05/25 4.148 #9941408 The invoice number is not incremented correctly.*
2022/05/13 4.147   The list of commission invoices has been corrected.*
2022/05/10 4.146 #9941406 The free fields of the price calculation have been extended to 5 entries.*
2022/05/09 4.145 #9941405 An error may occur when the page of the search results is built.
2022/05/04 4.144   In the text search function, an array with object IDs can now be passed to filter the search objects.
2022/04/25 4.143   In the invoice book of the financial overview there is now a choice of which invoices are displayed (all invoices, only invoices to guests or only commission invoices).*
2022/04/24 4.143 #9941403 After updating to 4.142, reservations can no longer be added if price calculation is enabled.*
2022/04/23 4.142   In the reservation list sorted by date, the prices and documents are now also displayed if they are available.*
2022/04/22 4.142 #9941402 Various modules do not work correctly with the "Text Search".
2022/04/16 4.141 #9941401 The new "Text search" function from version 4.140 does not return the correct lengths for found text excerpts and possibly outputs a wrong link.
2022/04/14 4.140   Users with permission to change calendar now have also pricing permission without object edit permission.*
2022/04/14 4.140   A new function for searching in the web project has been integrated. The function can be integrated in templates with show_searchform() at a suitable point.
2022/04/14 4.140   The invoice view in the financial overview now has a list for commission statements and a sales summary.*
2022/04/12 4.140 #9941310 When the reservation is changed, the prices for other items are lost in the price processing.*
2022/03/28 4.139   The financial overview now has an additional possibility of a list view of the invoices for reservations.*
2022/03/28 4.139 #9941309 Surcharges from old reservations do not have names. These can now be corrected via price processing for the reservation.*
2022/03/19 4.138 #9941308 The VAT rates are not saved correctly for surcharges.*
2022/03/14 4.137 #9941307 Some browsers do not display the COVID status correctly. In addition has been expanded Print/Export reservations.
2022/02/22 4.136   It is now possible to switch the newsletter on/off using your own data.*
2022/02/22 4.136   Enabling/disabling "copy to sender" of emails is now kept as default for the current user.
2022/02/15 4.136 #9941306 A PDF file cannot be created if it contains invalid file name characters.
2022/02/13 4.135 #9941305 If the booking is changed, the supplements and deposit will not be calculated correctly.*
2022/02/12 4.134 #9941304 As of version 4.133, the special offers may not be displayed anymore.*
2022/02/11 4.133   Adjustments due to compatibility problems with PHP version 8.1 have been made.
2022/02/10 4.133   In the case of special offers, the link to the object description has been adapted to the calendar properties.*
2022/02/09 4.133 #9941303 The email template for offers cannot be copied to other users.*
2022/02/07 4.132 #9941302 Sending e-mails via SMTP does not work with some providers and using PHP version 8.
2022/02/07 4.131 #9941301 The default selection of templates for email/print from reservations is always the blank document, which is disadvantageous. Now the next usable document is preselected by default.
2022/02/30 4.130 #9941211 Some compatibility issues with certain PHP versions when creating PDF files have been fixed.
2022/01/28 4.130 #9941210 The sending e-mails via SMTP does not work.
2022/01/26 4.129 #9941209 An error occurs when adding objects with the Calendar section.
2022/01/20 4.128 #9941208 The price backup sometimes does not work.*
2022/01/20 4.127 #9941207 Languages and templates cannot be installed with some MySQL versions or are sometimes removed from the database by an update.
2022/01/18 4.126   A button to save the price table of an object has been integrated. This backup can then be restored using the "Backup/Restore" admin tool if the processing was incorrectly.*
2022/01/11 4.125 #9941205 If the season times are incorrectly entered in price processing, the automatic correction is not always correct and can now be canceled.
2022/01/06 4.124 #9941204 Adding a reservation does not work in version 4.123.
2022/01/04 4.123   Small corrections and optimizations for new installation of the system have been made.
2021/12/20 4.123 #9941203 The export of appointments from the appointment calendar does not work properly.*
2021/12/17 4.122   In the settings of appointment calendar, appointments can now also be imported from an iCal file for the own calendar.*
2021/12/17 4.122 #9941202 Sometimes the appointment calendar does not work in version 4.120.*
2021/12/08 4.121 #9941201 Some designations are missing in the language files.
2021/12/06 4.120   The Appointment calendar has been expanded to include categories and location. There is also a link in the settings with which the appointments can be saved as an iCal file or made available for other programs.*
2021/11/18 4.119 #9941109 The list of object owners in the object options may contain duplicate names, if available.*
2021/11/15 4.118 #9941108; An error at the post office may prevent a mailbox from being added.
2021/11/12 4.117 #9941107 If the settings table is missing or faulty, the system will not work.
2021/11/04 4.116 #9941106; Due to a typing error in version 4.115 the copying of objects no longer works.
2021/11/03 4.115   When processing the reservation, the blocked addresses are now marked in red in the address list.
2021/11/03 4.114   Now, as with the WYSIWYG module, complete objects can also be set time-controlled for display.
2021/11/03 4.113 #9941103 Prices do not work correctly when importing/exporting from/to other objects.*
2021/10/22 4.112   A menu image can be uploaded in the object settings, which is used in the template if the menu function (show_bcmenu) is adapted accordingly.
2021/10/18 4.112 #9941102 Two deprecated functions may block certain actions under PHP 8.
2021/09/27 4.111 #9941101 Activating / deactivating sections with a click in the section management does not always work.
2021/09/22 4.110   Some database tables have been optimized.
2021/09/18 4.105 #9941005 When modules are updated, the assignment of the function is incorrect.
2021/09/16 4.104 #9941004 The price changes cannot be saved since version 4.100.*
2021/09/15 4.103 #9941003 A new installation may break off under PHP 8 with an error.
2021/09/15 4.102 #9941002 The possibility of changing prices when sending contracts, invoices etc. is not available.*
2021/09/12 4.101   When sending offers from the address management, all relevant addresses can now be selected / deselected with one click.
2021/09/12 4.101 #9941001 Not all surcharges are calculated for an online booking.*
2021/09/09 4.100   When copying prices between objects, the names of the surcharges for previous bookings are retained from now on.*
2021/09/09 4.100   The commission settlement according to prices has been expanded by one line for individual costs per booking.*
* This sign means that messages are included only in the PROFI version.
  changes in versions 4.0x >>
* This sign means that messages are included only in the PROFI version.
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